Makin Me

R. Kelly

lets go kels,
its kon and kelly

You makin me wanna ride,
You makin me wanna touch,
makin me wanna get up out this club
makin me wanna rub,
makin me wanna freak,
makin me wanna say ohhhhhh

I'm all up on it like a gangsta lean,
up in da club like a gangsta scene,
judy's all want me cos my flow is mean
crazy like a lock and Im da master key
click that thing, open up, turn around push dat booty up,
ohh i love the way you throw,
go girl go girl go girl go,
i roll up in dat blue 'bourghini, you rockin dat blue bikini
your party missin you (?)
can't wait to get between you
just like my wheels when they swerve,
got this thick girl long in the curve,
i'm thinking about making you first
put money on it dats my word


It's like i jumped your way I'm falling for you girl
im 15 minutes in this club and you're already my World,
fast car, nice (?) on stretch road, drop top, black shades,
let your hair blow, the rear view seeing no popo
so get on my lap girl go go.
go girl go girl go girl go
doing it like you's a boss, shots of petrone like you's a boss
in dat pulled your panties off,
heartbreaker, tell me what your doing to me,
with a booty like that, thats (?)


Shorty you know me, i'm da same nigga come to the club strapped and holdin, everybody wanna react to your beautiful body, don't wanna look like they scoping, play around me these women just joking, but im dead serious i'm bussing you wide open, one by one, two by two, me and r-kelly are ready to start poking, girl i see up and down the pole, while you glide it, girl i need you, would it be a problem if i come ride it, you playing girl way too much, how can you go through all this to touch, i'll remember this when you begging me to stop and i'll ram it all in your guts, shut up.


Damn, didn't realise how explicit this song was until I wrote the lyrics. Feel free to correct the lyrics as usual.

Let me know what you think of Making Me.
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