Mind Blowin'

R. Kelly

This is serious business. Y'all ready to get hyped or what?
Well right about now the D.O.C. and the Doctor is housing
the set center stage, pumping it just like this...

A little something for the breatheren with intellect you truly understand
it's like a message from the one who's getting candid
Making a mark on the strength with rhyming like nothing
When you're pumping something that's bumping
Did it, cause it's like I had to make one
Better than the last one, cause a mistake none
But something new was needed in the mix to
Make it as lethal, so lethal that I would think you
Couldn't be made to invade certain areas
No other jurisdiction, but that was fiction
As you progress, and you're enlightened
And the better you're writing by never biting you're exciting
To the crowd, club, congregation, or gathering
Homies in the street will be thinking you're O.G.
Smooth, wordy example of how I'm living
I'm getting my prime, pumping records that'll blow your mind

The D.O.C. is dope, I would've been down with rock but I'd be broke
By the punk, I'm opening up my trunk
To reveal debt, living it up my life is like a story
Yelling it, cause nobody else is telling it
Checking it, always getting paid cause the rap is sort of like a twist
Between what you needed and what I mean
What I mean by twist, now you gotta listen
Never a song executive cause I'm a part of what you've been missing
So in total, this is one of many styles of an artist
Hard it may be, but not my hardest
Just a portion, cup of salt water in the ocean
Rocking it was the notion, it seems I needed a potion
So I asked the Dr. D-R-E could he comply
Looking at me with a grin, he shrugged his head and said "Why
Would you ask me a question, knowing you knew the answer?"
All the time I make the records you can hear it and blow their mind

The D.O.C. is looking for a dope beat to lay in something melodic
After 30 seconds Dre looked up and said "I got it"
Like the dope sound rolling with the dope beat made me rock a dope rhyme
Which was simple cause I'm
Equivalent to the greatest, nobody know before
Cause I just decided to make myself apparent once more
To deliver to you in order, just call it a system
A brother tried to play me like a kid so I dismissed him
And now I'm ruthless by keeping the crowd grooving
It gets so rowdy that you swear your chair's moving
But it wouldn't, it couldn't, it's more a feeling you encounter
When you're rocking to the music of the D.O.C. and
Dre is on the cut so be wary of all moving
But whatever you do, take the time
To enhance the record by making moves like smooth
And I'll keep pumping lyrics type of music that'll blow your mind
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