Might Be Mine

R. Kelly

A couple of days ago, I got a phone call
Saying 'how you mr. Kelly' I said 'who's this'
Then he sayd it's Tameka's lawyer, and am calling on her behalf, then he said I got some news, that I think you gonna know,
And then he said she's pregnant, and then I sat down real slow, then I sayd who's this again, He took a breathe and sayd you heard me the first time, then I sayd wait a minute mister, we talking about the same girl and she's a stripper, you wrap us in a girl and she's a freaky, and how does she know that the baby belongs to me, then he aksed me I met her two months ago- I said yes, and he said it was in a club in Chicago, I sayd yes, he sayd he must be ready to raise it, cause she says you the one she laid with, oh

There's a very good chance that it might be might [x4]

I hung up and called my lawyers, and I told them the situation, and the first question out they mouth, was that did I sleep with the girl, at first I hesitated this and sayd yeah, when I tell 'em I hit it wrong, and then they sayd it might be a chance, that you may have to pay the course, I sayd good law, and then I put the phone and just thought about for a couple of seconds, they aksed me I seen her recently, I sayd no, they sayd I used to her frequently, I sayd no, all I know is that I left the club with this lady, and now am here and the baby is maded

There's a very good chance that it might be might [x4]

Man I can slap myself, for getting involved with this lady, if I can turn the hands back, I would have went home to my baby, now I am caught up, in a misery late night creep, now wait here lady, I get a picture and damn this baby look just like me

There's a very good chance that it might be might
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