Back To Me

Ari Gold

Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do

Who never gave you the love they were supposed to
What did you do to deserve to be left for
How did you find out you weren't so special
Why did you think there was no love left for you

Cause when I gave myself over
I lost something in return
Cause what I gave wasn't mine to give away
But now I found something stronger
That I had to live to learn
I'll give myself back to me

Who did I think I was when I forgot me
What could have happened to make me so careless
How did I forget what was most important
Why would I pay for something that was free

I'll give myself something I need
I'll give myself back to me
I'll give myself something you'll see
I'll give myself back to me

Who was the one that you thought you could count on
When did you speak but no one must have heard
Where did you learn it was best to keep quiet
How could someone break your trust so easily
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