Ari Gold

Its been 7 years gone by
It feels like a very long time
We've both been through so much since then
I'm glad we've been able to make amends
Ugly words have been spoken
But they have since been forgotten
We're older now much more mature
No time for silly drama that's for sure

Don't need much time
To make up our minds
We gonna find
This feeling so familiar
Leave the past behind
Relax unwind
This must be a sign
That we were meant to be together

This is our reunion
There is no confusion
Only feel love
This is our reunion
This is our reunion
There are no illusions
Only time for love
This is our reunion, reunion

In some ways not a thing has changed
When I'm with you I still feel the same
I remember why I loved you so
But there was so much then I didn't know

Together we share history
And nobody can erase the love that you've shown to me
Who we are to each other is legendary
Only we can fulfill one another's fantasies
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