Ari Gold

You must be my lucky star
Even when you are so far away
I feel like I know who you are
I'm gonna get closer to you someday

I'm your #1
I'm feelin' where your comin from
I'll always hear your voice
Telling me love is the only choice

I'm so into you
What can I do
I can only describe you as fantastic
Your energy
You give it to me
You gotta be so fantastic
You make me feel... fantastic
You make me feel... fantastic

You've been there right by my side
Like an angel sent down from the sky
Who's my guru it's you doin the voodoo
Yes, I learned from you the power of goodbye

You know how to inspire
You're someone I can admire
Take me for a ride
You're the only one that knows how to guide me

Rockin' all your jeans from designer brands
Steppin' up to the club just to greet you fans
Travelin' the world to foreign lands
Every move that you make is cinematic
Cruisin' around in a bangin' car
Goin' out for a drink at a fancy bar
None of these things make you who you are
But you gotta know you're fantastic!
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