Ari Gold

I didn't think that anyone was around
I should have closed the window
But maybe I like to think someone is watching
Not everything needs to be on the down low

Thought we had until the cops come knockin'
Till they come knockin down the door
Who could have guessed the rest
Won't believe what happened next
That they'd come sooner than we thought

I was caught in an act of indiscretion
But the fact that I was caught doesn't mean
that what had happened was obscene
Cause when you're caught and you're
a man who's foolin with another man
You can get caught, you might get caught, yeah

Caught in the act
You might get caught in the act

"Do you know what behavior you engage in?"
That's what the police asked me
So I told him "like its called sex or something"
"Have you ever heard of it?"

He did not get into my sense of humor
Roughed me up in his handcuffs
Forced my hands behind my back
And here I thought that I was already kinky enough

How can something so beautiful
Be treated so unjustly
How can something so right
Turn into a fight
On this lovely night
I'd still be holding you tight
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