Write Me A Love Song

Ari Gold

My lover never asks for much
To love him simple, I try
But one morning he turned around
And looked into my eyes

"Just one simple request
That's all I'm asking you for"
Anything for you my sweet lover
I can stand to give more

He whispered his desire
In his eyes I could see the fire
burning flickering inside him

(And he told me) Write me a love song, baby
One that you're gonna sing to me
Write me a love song, baby yeah
Write me a love song, baby
One that sings me to my dreams
Write me a love song, baby yeah

My lover never insists
He tells me I shouldn't change
Loving me as I am
However crazy or strange

He knows what I can give
And he knows what I cannot
But this one thing that he asks from me
Is the one thing I've got


I've been waiting my whole life
For somebody to realize
Did you know that I wanted to, baby?
Did you read my mind?
Cause you do it all the time
Now I'm just gonna write it for you, baby
I'm gonna write it
I'm gonna sing it now


You're the one who's giving me my baby
Let me give it to you, don't say maybe
Turn our love into a love song, baby yeah
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