Don't Come For Me

Ari Gold

Let me just ask you
How you could do it
How could you turn out to be that
When all I wanted was someone to love me
Someone that I could put my trust in

Yes, we had some moments of love but they're just not enough
To turn the bad to OK
Cause the bad was so so bad

You thought that you could break me down
Take my soul then turn around
But I'll save my tears for someone who knows just how to hold on
Don't come for me
You worked your way right into me
Seeping so insidiously
But now I get your game
And I am just too smart to play
Don't come for me

You were so grown up
I was a child
That gives you more responsibility
Cause something like money
And something like power
Is so easily misused and abused

Now I just have to go
Cause me you'll never know
And time's the only thing left that you have on your side
Maybe there'll come a day
When I will hear you say
That you are sorry and I'll be ready to forgive you
Just don't come for me

Don't come for
Don't cry for me
Don't even say goodbye to me
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