Ari Gold

Wherever I am with you I'm home
I've come very far but I've felt so alone
I'll go there with you
There's nothing I won't do
Cause now I know where we're going to

Sometimes when I feel like I'm not of this world
The people they stare like I was a little girl
But this little girl has got a man inside her
That only needs one man to be there when I come home

There is a place where you'll find me
Cause you know there's no place like home
There's where the safety that you bring
Knowing I'll never be alone
This is the space where you'll guide me
Cause when I come to you
I come home

It's so often said
Yet there's nothing more true
Home is where the heart is
And that is with you
Don't need me to be
Anyone besides me
Cause every time I look in your eyes
I know I'm home


Your face is the beauty in life
And your eyes shine in mine
Don't you know your kiss is the warmth of my life
Cause anywhere else I might roam
When I come to you
I come home

Home, home, home, home
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