Should I Get Over You

Ari Gold

Do you think I should get over you
Cause I'm feeling a change in my point of view
You're giving me the cue
But maybe I should get over you,
Get over
You could be another lover that feels real true
What do I do
Do I have enough room in my life for two
Should I get over you

Almost left before I saw
That you were standing by the door
To my surprise you caught my eyes
And here I though the night was through
I never thought I'd see someone like you

I told you straight
At home I have someone
And honestly just looking for some fun
But something else has already begun
And I don't see monogamy
As something that's right for me
So why should I close the door to something new


Then we took a walk outside
Found a place where we could hide
We couldn't wait till our first date
Cause you're the kind of guy that I
Shouldn't ever try to let pass by

I truly love the one that I am with
And I just can't let go of our first kiss
So couldn't we just have a little tryst
But what if it turns into something more
Something that we didn't bargain for
I think that we could handle what's in store
Give me a clue

Should I get over
I should get over
Should I get over you
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