Funk That Ship

Ari Gold

Screw it
Cause it aint worth it
All the fools we have to suffer

So let's funk it
Come here and ride it
Till your troubles melt away

Get up on my deck
Get a load of the view
Its all for you
Breath it in
Take it all in
Its spectacular
It's a smooth ride
A fast ride
A bumpy ride
We'll reach our destination quicker than we think

We got to just funk that ship
Just funk that ship
Funk that ship
Just funk... just funk that ship

I'll be your captain, baby
Steer you in the right direction
Don't need no compass
To take you
Wherever you may need to go

Rock the boat
Shake that ass
That bubblicious automatic
Come on my titanic
You can't buy or sell worries here
I'll break you open
Have no fear
Let yourself go
It's a utopia, oh

Baby, oh how I long for the old good days
Aahh, I still remember, baby

You need to
Need to funk
Need to funk that
Need to funk that ship
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