This Can Be Good


Open my eyes, First thing i see
Your Lovely Smile Smiling at me
Kiss my Forehead, Up out of bed
Off to start your day, here in bed i stay
Thinkin' bout last night(night), Playing in my mind(mind)
When you touch me there, Ohhhhh so right
?In this in?, what am i doin'
get up outta bed, to myself thinkin'

This can be good (This can be good) x4


This can be goooooooooooooood.

Whats goin on, Whats happenin to me
promised myself, i would never let it be
never again(never again), never again(never again)
Cut me soo deep, that i haven't been the same
What i feel right nooow (now), i felt before (before)
When i hear your name, my feet leave the floor
Finally forgave, but i don't know fo'sure
One thing i know, This can be gooooood(good)

This can be good (this can be good) x4

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