Twelve Play 2000

R. Kelly

Hit it hard from the back
Roll around to the front
I know you burn a lot of tracks
12 play is what you want
I'm gonna call the studio
'Cause we'll be going all night
Girl I hope you can hang
'Cause I'm horny as well tonight

1)Taking off your Secrets with my teeth
2)Slightly rough to let you know it's about to get kinky
3)Blind your eyes, as I walk you to my bedroom
4)Now open your eyes surprise you entered twelve play 2

We need to catch our breath
We've been going on for a while
It's been about two hours
And we're still going round for round
The water's getting cold
And the movie's going off
This is how we do in TP2

5)I'm gonna take you for a ride, now baby come inside
6)Baby it's hard as a brick tell me can you feel this
7)Then we start slowing down because I'm not ready to
8)We're almost to the peak 'cause I'm feeling tingly

Now flex your body like what (what what)
Like diamonds when they cut (cut cut)
The hardest out of your friends the way you take it from me
Girl you put it on me like draws
Moaning when you talk
I'm about to tear this sh...out new millenium style

9)Looking you in your eye as I'm about to do that thing
10)And on down to your thighs girl I'm gonna make you scream
11)Put your body on top of me I'm about to grab the waist
12)Now quick, before we get to 13 set it on my face
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