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The Road Behind


Well, I'm traveling down the road
And I'm carrying that heavy load
I walk around in a stupor Sleazy,
I cant do the show
Hanging out backstage
I'm in a homocidal rage
I signed a million dollar contract
I puked on every page
Slaughtered half the crew
Caused they ate the deli-tray
Oh Baby hey
I said I'd do the show
and I Canceled anyway

You were road kill, baby
Till I scraped you in my arms
Just another water flapping
On the old turkey farm
So baby....

[Second Chorus - by Beefcake]
And the wheels keep rolling
And another my post gone
All along the road behind
Oh can't you hear me calling?
Just like that sad whale song
I'm now on the road behind

Well there you have it baby
I'm just a sensitive guy
U know I snuffed a million planets
But I still find time to cry
Because there's more to life
Then making other people die
Like a little bloody tear, baby
Running out my dirty little eye
And some things baby
They don't make no sense
Does it really matter if it bugs
Your parents?


baby quit yer crying
Put those clown britches on

[2nd Chorus]

A sad whale song... sad whale baby
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