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KZ Nekromancer


KZ Nekromancer
KZ Nekromancer
KZ Nekromancer
He's a fancy dancer

From Auschwitz down to Paraguay
Following the path of the good Doktor Mengele
They talk about a town down in old Brazil
The babies there all look alike
You know they always will
Just an angel of death with a black leather bag
A figure in white with a bloody black flag
KZ Nekromancer

I remember the bunker
We knew that our day would come
Here's a new round of injections
Everybody must have some
Sometimes it's sad we kill babies
To protect our soldiers from scabies
As I tear out stem cells the tears almost come
Then I remember these people are scum

KZ Doktor at the door
Fuhrer semen scraped from floor

Nekromancer come to call
House-to-house with blobs of ball

It's a KZ Nazi neck-romance
He's all up in your wife's pants

Every drop of cum on the floor
Are legions of SS who cannot fight war

Save the Fuhrer's seed
It is what we need
To save the Master Race
Don't let him cum on Eva's face

Delivering the samples of the filthy Fuhrer seed
The Bloody Pit is crying for it's victims, it must feed
The "doctor" goes from house to house
He's glad to make the call.
And if it's born without a head
That's no problem at all

Mengele crack the code?
Steal the seed? Blow the load? [x2]

Research reached a tipping point
We could not comprehend
Essential truths were seen as lies
It made no fucking sense
That's when he
Returned from the dead
KZ Nekromancer
Ghastly he grinned through his gaping Deaths-Head
He brought the truth of the Old Ones...
He wrote it out on the wall
With these ideas a great breakthrough was made
With hunks of wet gold I was handsomely paid

Also called Heydrich, "The Spider"
That wiggled and squiggled and stuck it inside her...

You're hired!
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