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Lets go Tick-tits!

Well have you seen her tits?
When they are covered in ticks
It's shit like that
That makes monks shag their wicks
Say have you seen her ticks?
Sucking on her tits?
Not even dog-tits are better than this
Unless of course they are covered in ticks
What could be better than ticks on your tits?
Except for Dick-tits, all up in the slit
And also, your Mothers a whore
The ticks got so big they won't fit through the door
Have you seen her tits when they're covered in ticks
Let's all go lick them then pop them with sticks
Tick-tits are growning, they're saggy and grey
And once you fuck tick-tits you'll never go gay

Tick-tits, Tick-tits
Tick-tits, Tick-tits
I love
Tick-tits, Tick-tits
Tick-tits, dick-slit, sick shit

Have you seen her tits?

Underneath all of those ticks?

Baggy and saggy and filled up with pus
This is your Mom, she hangs out with us...
Dammit I love me some ticks
So do the wops and the micks
And if you don't you outta...
The Mexicans love a bug Tick-tit pinata
I am addicted to ticks
And I don't wanna sound like a prick
So many ticks you can't see her at all
If it keeps up like this she'll be banned from the mall
Now let's set fire to the ticks!
It's as easy as flicking your Bic!
The tick-titted wonder is bursting with flame
Her tits are on fire I don't know her name

Tick-tits, Tick-tits
Tick-tits, Tick-tits
I love
Tick-tits, Tick-tits
tick-tits, dick-slit, sick shit

I got this job in ebay
They sent me to scrape out her flap
Never guessed id be so impressed
By her tick-tit-dick-slit trap
Just a flopping mass of grayish skin
Oozing ichor from every crease
Did I forget to mention
She's morbidly obese

Tick-tits, oh Tick-tits
Pleased clean out your gash
A rugby team is at the door, we really need the cash

Tick-tits, Tick-tits
Tick-tits, Tick-tits
I love
Tick-tits, dick-slit, sick shit

Her suffering is over now
She found death, I pray
Her body so covered in insects
Haven't seen her face for days
Her mung-encrusted 'ginal hole
Became a swarming insect bowl
Baggy and saggy
And puffy and gross
The talk of the town!
The toast of the coast!
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