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The Litany Of The Slain


And we begin our litany
Of peopled killed by mostly me
Goatie the load, he's first in line
Antarctic Ant not far behind
Ripped an arm off Melvin Fleebish
Mutant cockroach not for squeamish
Uncle Knobby crushed by engine
Pretty Pookie anus-bending
Anton Reemcobb he expoloded
Redneck got his chest imploded
Biker Bitch she was de-titted
Stubbles on a pike was spitted
Cranial-crush the Franken Ref
Ollie North was kicked to death
Smashed flat was Mutant Baby
Small Sac had to join the Navy

The Litany of the Vanquished
The Litany of the Slain
You know their names will someday vanish
Enshrined in death they shall remain

Mr.Fudgie, death came quickly
Mrs.Fudgie, slow and sickly
Mangled spleen of Noriega
Log suck Off, yeah we betrayed ya
Crucified the Oral Swallow
Bested Techno, threats were hollow
Bozo waged his mortal combat
Edna Grambo raped with wombat

The Litany of the Vanquished

the Corporal yes he lost his tits
Private Parts was drowned in shit
(The Litany of the Slain)
Poor ole Tome was beaten badly
Him was hacked and slashed up madly

Father Bohab waped til dead
Gor gor big sword thru the head
(you know their names with someday vanish)
Smelly Hippy shotgun blast
Art Fag with a face-rip fast

Reeko Bowel Grande he was flayed
Nigel Ponce was thricely gayed
(Enshrined in death they shall remain)
Gor Borg got a spear through the gullet
Hitler had to bite the bullet

Bag Lady disemboweled
Butterfly Boy raked and trowled
Butterfly Girl had no luck
Flopsy with a facial fist fuck
Boss Glom he had his face melted
World Maggot was thricely belted
Flesh column with a double fist chop
OJ got jugular slit-stop
Jerry Garcia heart attack
Frank Sinatra hammer whack
Bloody beatdown Cardinal Syn
Syn Warriors were chopped at chin
Gray Aliens stuck and skewered
Alien Baby was manured
Michael Jackson was a fighter
Jerry Springer struck by lighter
Mutant Penguins what a joke
Robo-Sleazy get a rope
Bill Clinton hacked and mangled
Monika her entrails tangled
Lady Die, death expected
El Duce, resurrected
Jon Benet a bloody mass
Dead Elvis a spear up ass
The Master wasn't very scary
But John Kerry very hairy
Marilyn Manson he got skinned
Jagermonsta flipped and pinned
Dr.Leaky got jaw knocked off
Double tit chop Lara Croft
Al Gore saw his flesh a rending
Bush's death was never-ending

Bonsesnapper he never died
Skullix did, though life he tried
Bloody Mary crushed by bison
Kicked the shit out of Mike Tyson
Courtney Love was raped and rotten
Had to hand a guy named Saddam
Osama crushed by weights so heavy
Found the head of Chandra Levy
Pope John Paul got bit by Gor Gor
Bashed and thrashed the Reagonator
Laci Peterson was found
Dick Cheny guts unwound
Paris Hilton fucked a donkey
Sharon Osbourne rather wonky
Lordi's head was on a stick
Va Tech dude what a dick

Jewcifer run down by camel
Double arm rip Toe Enamel
Hell Cop got a spear up ass
Ultimate Bohab quickly gassed
Nazi Pope was executed
Mo Ho Med electrocuted
Hillary Clinton murdered mama
Gruesome killing of Obama
John McCain saw his guts spilling
Sawborg Destructo saw the killing
Messy death for General Zog'
Another baby crushed with log
And that's what this song is for
The creatures that were killed by GWAR

And that's what this song is for
So check in on the next GWAR tour [x3]
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