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War On Gwar


Father of war
What troubles my sight?
Arrayed against us
The armies unite
The children of earth
They are deceived
The gods will be hanged
And swing from the trees

We must rise!
Gwar must die!

The ice is on fire
Antarctica burns
Their leaders are liars
The war machine turns
The fortress it crumbles
Antarctica melts
The warrior stumbles
Death shall be dealt

A blood mist rises o'er the frozen horizon
Will mortals spill the blood of gods?
The glaciers echo with the screams of the dying
So it begins, the war on gwar!

Man will fall!
Kill them all!
Whet your knives!
Take their lives!
We have learned the minds of men

A darkness falls over the frozen horizon
They have spilled the blood of gods
The earth is haunted by the screams of the dying
And so ends the war
The war on gwar!
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