My Revenge


I couldn't ... my feast
watchin' them laugh,watchin' them kiss
told me she'll be back in town on the 25th
it's the 22nd and there she is
and i know his face but not his name
he's the guy that wears too much cologne from the bank
i won't cause no scene or do nothin' crazy,cuz i ain't
but i guarantee that she will feel my pain

so sweet,so sweet,my revenge
think it's gonna rain
beware,dark clouds rollin' in
think it's gonna rain

she's got a friend that hangs around
cute little Spanish chick that stays uptown
very flirtatious,told me multiple times without words she'll let me put it down
but i kept my distance
i had respect for my queen and her crown
well as it turns out my queen is a town whore
so there ain't no since in respectin' her,no not no more
so i tell the little spanish chick "will you wait here"
stopped by the store
get a bottle of patron i got the magnums and the ...

chorus: x 2

and when the package comes she'll be so surprised
i'm doin things to her friend that she could only fantasize about
cuz we never tried,hope the tiers that fall from her eyes
burn down the house with her inside
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