Stand Accused



(Na, na, na, na, na)
(Na, na, na, na, na, na, na)
(Mhm, mhm, mhm)
(Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, Check)

[Verse 1]

How you gonna say you wana talk,
Tryna run and put your hands all in my face,
You need to calm down,
Screamin and cussin and going off,
Claimin I wasn't where I said I was yesterday,
Oh baby
How you say you love me, you don't trust me,
You drivin me crazy, Trippin on me daily baby,
Cuz, baby you drama I don't need

If you wana stress your love that's fine,
You aint bout to drive me out my mind,
Girl I'm through,
(Na na na na na, na na na na na na na)
Everything I say you think im lying
Like no matter what I do girl I,
Stand accused,
(Na na na na na na na na na naa)

[Verse 2]
Baby I've had it up to here,
Can't tolerate no more, this aint gon work,
As much as it hurts me I got to go
Girl, maybe if you wasn't so insecure,
Wouldn't always think that I'm doin dirt,
And I said I love you, girl
All I wanted to do, was be a good man to you baby
But you kept on had to bother me
Really wished you could believe me baby,



Baby is alone,
Hopin for discussion,
Tellin me you love me,
You don't know what trusting is,
What'd I tell ya?
So I can't stay,
This is my testimony,
You wana be the judge jury,
Have an execution,
But I'm throwin this case,
Off to find a new one,
Somebody that's lovin me for me, Oh baby!

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