Never Run

Trey Songz

I'm tryin'
Make sure
that all these hoes stay fucked
That a nigga doe stay caked up
And that my niggas
stay the same and never change
That we dont break up
That's forever nigga
never let no doe change us
I just wanna put my city
on the map and things
Niggas countin my money
say I'm actin strange
But I'm stayin in the hood
like the cracks in the sidewalk
Music is my hustle
keep my crack by the sidewalk

And if there ever was a problem boy
Slip and I'mma catch you wit revolving toys
I said if ever there's a problem boy
You slip and I'mma catch you wit revolving toys
Close attention to the words I'm spittin
Listen nigga, in the game you'll get it
I'm pimpin no lie
Nigga this is my life

I deserve all that shit that I got
Niggas dont know all the shit that I done
Niggas can talk all the shit that you want
But never ever, never ever, never will I run

I never run
Never run, run, never run
Never run
Never run
Never run, never run, never run
Never run
Niggas keep hatin'
but no matter the situation
Niggas know I got my gun
So I never run
No I never run
No I never run
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