Jill (Sumn Real)

Trey Songz

Gimme sumn real
Girl, you got that real
Gimme sumn real, oh, yeah
Gimme sumn real
(A-Wall shit)
Gimme sumn real
Gimme sumn real doing with Jill
Gimme sumn real

You love me, you love me
Come show me, you know me
The new me, the old me
My new things, my old thang
My old flame so propane, that dope thang, that cocaine
You're so hunnid, that don’t change
I'm so a hunnid that won't change
I’m so sprung, I'm T-Pain
She don't wanna believe thangs
I don't wanna deceive thangs
We pick up, we leave thangs
We need love to relieve pain
We need love to relieve pain
You're so a hunnid, girl don't change

You love me especially when I'm excited
You love me, you give me some things to think about
Ignite me, you, you
Gimme sumn real

You love me, you got me
You tempt me, you watch me
Look, baby, got big poppy
So wavy
No stockings, okay, we gon' shopping
I’m listenin’, you talkin'
Girl, I want your love, that’s the only option
That's the only drug I'm tryna be poppin'
I’m tryna be locked in a room all alone, no phones witchya
That's the vibe I'm on witchya, that's the time I want witchya
It's so hard for me to breathe, baby you know what I need
Won't you say it to me please, tell me please
Say that you love me, especially
Oh, so different, girl, excited 'bout mine
Love, you love me

You love me
Oh Jill
Especially, when I'm excited (Jill)
Gimme sumn real, ooh oh, oh oh, (come on)
You love me
You give me some things to think about
Ignite me, you... You
Wanna feel it, gimme sumn real

That different, you're special
You're out of this world, extrateresstrial
Promise to hold you, I'mma protect you
Promise you shelter, never neglect you
I wanna love you, yeah, gimme sumn real
I'm gonna love you, yeah, do it like Jill
Ooh, gimme sumn real
Ooh when you touch me, I just can't control it
When you touch me, I just can't hold it
The emotion inside of me, I can feel it
Gimme sumn real, oh ho, ah ah
Baby, do it like Jill, know you got that real
Gimme, gimme, yeaah
Gimme sumn real, gimme sumn real
Gimme that Jill, do it like Jill
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