Trey Songz

Every single day girl, I, wanna
Get away, with your love, gonna
Come along, girl when we together I be feeling so strong
But when we're apart, I don't know where to start
You've been, nothing short of perfect, baby
I've been, tryna make it worth it, when you say
That you love me

Girl you make me feel invincible
And baby, you know
My love ain't gon go nowhere, and I know
The only thing that's pumping through my veins, is you
You know I'm only living for your love

You see I hit the ground runnin
Searchin for your love and I'll
Never run from it, I promise
I won't survive, without it
our flatline, cause girl my heart beats for you

I won't survive,
for you
It beats for you
I wont survive
Cause girl my heart beats for you
I wont survive

and I'll never run from it, I promise, it beats for you
my heart only beats for you
only for you, girl

eh eh eh girl, just the thought of you leaving
makes me feel the pain girl
and no medication can make it go away girl

my body is feeling cold
my heart is feeling froze
I need your healing here we go
You know, my live aint gon go nowhere, so
Beautiful, hold me tight don't ever let me go, cause
You know I'm only living for your love

Chorus (2x)

Your love runs through my vains
Girl it is not a game
And I won't be the same
If you would go away
And your love wasn't here to stay
Down on my knees I pray
That you wait for me
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