Hard Times

Trey Songz

Girl it's been about 3 weeks since you came to see me
I get it I get it, you ain't ready tryna fall, but damn, you could answer my calls
No matter how long it takes, girl you know, girl you know
No matter how far you try to run away, I'll be close, I'mma let you up in

These thoughts of mine
Who you've been giving all your time?
Girl a love like mine is hard to find
And you, you give me such a hard time
Girl tonight it's gon' be all mine, all mine
And I'm on it you gon' wake up fast, damn he gave me a hard time
Hard time, hard hard, hard, hard times
Hard, hard times, hard, hard times

It done been about 3 weeks since I had your knees weak
Said you were coming back, coming back, what happened to that?
Is it too good, did I hit it too good? I made you run from that
You gon' take it all, make you shake and shift
Cause you be acting fickle all
I'mma make you ride it like a bicycle
When you say you coming through, won't you come?
Cause every time you come, don't you come

It done been about 3 weeks, that's 500 hours
Since I had you in the club with the bottles
Man I swear we stunting out all to the crib, tub, shower
D'usse in our system that's when you say you gon' (go down)
And I can't let you do that all alone (I'ma go down)
Like lalalala lalalalalala
Tongue kissing on your lips, way down below
Girl let me be your sex hero
I'm just letting you know

It done been about 3 weeks
It done been about 3 weeks
It done been about 3 weeks
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