Trey Songz

Listen, you gotta stop blaming yourself
You ain't gotta change, I do, I do
Playing all the games I do, I do, I do
I'm willing to change for you, it's true, so true
Cause you ain't gotta change, I do, I do

It's been your heart, been on my mind
I'll take the blame cause I know it's mine
You've been there from the start, right by my side
You think it's your fault, we're at the finish line
Every time you've forgiven me
I wonder why you stay with me
Promise, broken promises
Left you broken hearted
That's why

Said if you leave, I'll be
Hopeless waiting for you
Shortly, you'll see
I'll be crying for you
I know I ain't right, you know I ain't right
But you know it's worth it when
It's deeper than the surface, girl
Life without your blessings
That'll sure teach me my lesson
Don't know why you're stressing
Girl when you're perfection
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