Day N Night

Trey Songz

Tell me what's happening
I'm addicted to plastering
These rappers beats with my vocals
What happens when I'm ask 2 sing
No problem on instrumentals
I guess they ask 4 me
Then I answer give em cancer
And they come back for me
So why they mad at me
Cause my mental compacity
Get to over lapping them bastards

The audasity haters even clap 4 me
Realizing actually I represent the betterment
And they just late like letterman, man
Trey song page long
List of who I'm better than
Contact my d a zon
I might need excederin
Sicker than I eva been
They won't me instead of em
And if they dislike it
I'm letting them so let em in (come on)

Guess I'm spose to let em win
If u was to bet again
It be best if you would just
Put paper on the medicine
I'll let u know
I walk all thrrough ya vestibule
I guess u know I'll stretch ya hole
Her love drip on my testicals
T.m.I. But he is I
And I am him flying then
Perpellers u so jealous
You can tell us jus e mail us
I'm a problem no use in hatan

There ain't no calculating
I'm so nasty on the beat
Jus like a freak that's masterbatin
Be makin fashin statements
When I leave my place of residence
Feel like I'm intelligent
And everybody is hella dence
Irrelavent and the only exception is
My relevance u lookin at the future
If ever I'm in ya presence shit
Hated right trey be like
Haters get ya paper right
Swear u fly tellin lies

Couldn't live a faker life
They love it shout out
To kid cudi I like the little lovely
And ya city something pretty
Y da kids call u ugly
Man I'm buggin I be tripping
I be playing but they listening
I'm saying what the bidness
What u missing I'm the illest
I do this n my free time
Man u can search
But you will never
Find a week line
I'm done with this shit
This shit is too easy
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