Another One (TriggaMix)

Trey Songz

Time to kill another one [repeats]

I'm about what they can't see
I'll be out what they can't be
It's easy AB
To actually KC
The way I ball out
Like the... out
You guys stink like the breath from a dog mouth
She's a gorgeous freak
She destroys my sheets
She keeps coming back around
Airport police
The way I rock... front porch to be
It ain't no fly nigger
The airport...
Everybody was sleeping
Now I'm living my dream
She said she loved a wimp
Then I dig in her cream
I see you blood suckers
And your venin is...
I know your ex type
Must be envy genes
You know I'm... man
And if you didn't know
What the fuck you think I'm getting...
The green keep going...
My body's full of liquor
Give me some more though
... I'm still a skinny nigger
My pocket is...
She's only mine for the moment
We know she's your hore
Know what I mean nigger
She get in here right
About my green nigger trigger
Running green lights
Eat her... every day
But I'm sweating not starving
. keep the bottles coming
But take the sparkles off
... that's my humble...
... stumble in hores
She's a lot of fun
She takes her time doing it
She made my body come
But her mind do it
I'm sick of the most
Let's forget what I...
I have significant growth
You got permission to hold
... flow
Competition is no
Baby let's fuck the world
Got my dick in the glow
Get a zipper and rose
Get a Tiffani's stone
My money has grown
So she miss when I'm gone
I have incredible nights
Pray for better tomorrows
Lot of... life
Cause the present is borrowing
I'm gonna live forever
Like my presence is a motto
Told her to back down
There's a blessing...
If you didn't see
I'm do into me
Thinking back
To what they told me
I couldn't be
My starts... shine bright
What the fuck they were lying about
Just keep the bread coming
And keep the wine white
Women in modal form
Get their baby... on
Lifestyle fast... ride along
And I noticed this
People go and notice it
Focus on something...
I makes you wonder
But it's all about... for bread
I get the picture
It's different since I...
Will's up
Will's down
Truck's outside
Get it up
I keep it down
Get your mouth wide
Kill this track
Time to kill another one
... two freaks here
But I want another one
... boy I'm hot shit
Like the... in the sun
Only one me never be another one
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