Hate Me Now

Trey Songz

I feel like the track was made by Lucifer,
But my spirit is so big like my lyrics is a message after Christopher,
I feel like the track is made by Lucifer.
But my spirit is so big like my lyric is a message after Christopher.
I'm tropical and you niggers is typical,
Wait each for one to take the act so mystical,
I'll touch your feet now, I mean you niggers is retards,
Got my chest burning for smoking the…
I got to point God, so they point hard
Cause I'm winning and I know it disappoints ya.
They probably thought I was just another Negro,
But on 2324 M.J. beat Jay Enko,
I think I'm hot now but I've been cold,
Got flow Niggers, that's the big tip flow,
…to Virginia in my country kin fellow,
Rockefeller…wanna think…
Stupid damn check just to take photos.
In case you didn't know that,
I should probably share… a Kodak.
I'm pushing the rag when I let her get inside,
She gets so very excited …
Pitches in my mind so I pay them in the…
The other woman that I can do whatever,
They pretend …haters as I should.
I know you only wish they keep it do it like I did.
And here you got to love the nigger,
So I know you gotta hate it just to see how many lovers…
Get upon the tray, dick
I'm so detailed nigger, so basic.

If this is a jungle you can say I'm going ape shit,
Everybody's ass…
Guess I'm one of the chosen…
Even though I don't need them see,
I'm single you can hold…
Don't hate me, hate your women that adore you,
People that adore you,
Papers that are split…under the Porches.
Hate the way I kill him baby boy, no abortion,
Hate the way your local promoter cannot afford them,
Hate the way I came on the ground,
Cause I'm flying….any nigger that ever touched ground.
Jealous cause women…when I'm around,
And I got my own way with the paddle to the ground.
…but I'm so….you can smell it on me now.
And you can tell the nigger now,
If you want to beat his cheer I could tell a nigger how.
Baby …this cheer like I'm living in my vows.
You can eat a dick like it's chilling in your mouth.
I speak the truth, no filling in your mouth,
You niggers is like furniture,
Chilling in the house all day,
Baby I'll be at the cheese like a mouse all day.
And you niggers are elephants, irrelevant,
You'll never excel, cause I'm so damn excellent.
If you got a girl I suggest you arrest the chick.
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