How Could You Forget

Trey Songz

You used to fall through when I call like
"Baby what you need?"
Ask me, "can I bring a friend
Do you got drinks, wanna eat, me, you eat"
And now you act like you don’t have the time of day
When anything I'd ask you, you would find a way

Don't you miss the way a nigga hit it?
Sucking and I'm licking while I kiss it
Don't you miss the time we were spending?
Baby you was mine, you was with it
Where he got you hiding? Tryna find you babe
Cause every time I call, you decline me babe

Oh, you ain't gotta tell me I know
We'll never be the same as before
But I can only tell you how I feel right now
I'm missing how you feel right now
You can call when you're man ain't around, I gotcha
Oh, how you gonna act like that? I just don't get it
Tell me does he do it, do you do it just like we did it?

Clock stop tocking, guess I ran out of minutes
I can hear your heart, is it saying that we've finished?
Girl we was the best, how could you
How could you, how could you forget?
He must treat you good, bet he does
He must be the man I never was
No response, no reply, every time I try to get through
So when you hear this on the radio, it's about you

(How soon we forget, it can't be over
He gon' ask who taught you that)
You never did this before, you wasn't hitting ignore
I had you tending on shores
You got the man, is you sure?
You got the man is you sure?
He don't know you like I know you
He don't know like you like them hoes too, he's not supposed to

You was experimenting, we was just trying shit
That's just what young bitches go through
I made you pretty, you was just hopeful
I was like diddy, you were my total
You were my cassie, you was just local
Showed you the world, I made you global
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