Do It Now

Trey Songz

Got everybody staring at ya and you ain't shy
You know you got it, ooh you wrong girl, let's do it right
You know I ain't with all that talking
Let's do it now, let's do it now, yeah

Nigga we ain't even make it up the staircase, she already came two times
Nigga we ain't even make it through the doorway, she already open wide
Nigga she ain't even wanna turn the lights off, cause she wanna get it again
Nigga she ain't wanna turn the turn the mic off, cause she know a bitch too bad

It's 100 degrees, I got hundreds to throws
You keep it hunnid with me, I keep it hunnid with you
I'm that nigga for real, I be that nigga for life
I know some niggas that kill, they with a nigga tonight
And I don't give a fuck about anything that you heard
You talking that shit, then I'mma make you eat your word

Throw that ass in the uber, throw that ass in the uber
Tell the driver hurry up
Finna do something to ya, finna do something to ya
Face down ass up
She not even up but she ain't sleeping
The head was so stupid it's genius
We smoking that jungle, we flying
Mufassa that pussy, no lying

Nigga 'fore we even hit the hit the driveway
Had to hit the breaks to times
Nigga 'fore we even even hit the highway
She done give face two times
Nigga she ain't even wanna turn the lights off
Cause she wanna get it on camera
Nigga we just got a message on the iphone
It's another bitch, God damn
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