Boss (feat. Chisanity)

Trey Songz

She just wanna fuck with a boss
So I took her on a cruise 'round the city
It don't really matter what it costs
Cause she know a young nigga gon' get it
What you want, baby? I got it
What you want, babe? I got it
What you want, babe? I got it
What you want, babe? I got it

Wanna do you right
Is you with it, baby?
Cause if you stay the night
Then I'm with it, baby
Don't you let them know, don't let them know
Don't let the feelings show, don't let it show

But you can tell your girls though
I give you the world though
Tell them keep it low though
Don't let them other hoes know
Cause they ain't ready
To hear that
That be some bad news, that be some bad news
I got a new boo, that be some bad news

Baby girl you can have what you want
And it's probably money, not tryna be funny
But I know how these girls is gettin' down these days
And what can I say? That's okay
Can't expect you to love me for who I am
When all you ever knew is that a nigga's the man
God damn he paid

Don't you remember when a nigga used to have braids?
Gotta make it drop, she was in the 8th grade
And now that she's grown, she fuck who she want
I don't judge her, don't judge her
But I could never love her
Cause I'm just an entertainer
And soon she's gon' fuck another
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