Trey Songz

Take a drink bitch...

Turn it up turn it up (6x)

Oh ohh oh-oh

You already know, trey songz

I've been cool, I've been patient
I've been true and I waited
I ain't been pressed, when you wanna go to louie
I'm the type to say yes, ain't I baby?
So wouldn't you say, with all that work
It's time for play... ain't it baby?
Don't gotta lie, I'm in the mood
Tonight's the night, so looka here baby

We gone set the mood with a couple of shots
Of patron, patron, patron
12 play album is the bomb, play that number one
That's my song, my song, my song
Now one shot, is what I like
Two shots, gone have you rite
Three four five six now we feelin' nice
Let me stay the night, don't think I can drive
I'm too gone, too gone, too gone

You walkin' slow, takin' your time
Now you wanna let go, don't you babe?
I know this patron, got the room kinda spinnin'
But you know what you want, don't you baby?
See you want me, like I want you
Again and again we might be bent
But it make sense... don't it babe
You're so perfect, I'm glad that I waited
Cause you're so worth it, but looka here baby
Oh ohh oh ohh ooh-ooh

Say you ready, like I'm ready
Say you want me (cause I want you so bad)
Say you feel it, like I feel it
Say you need me, cause I need you so bad
Sip by sip, shot by shot
Gone feel this rush, feel this buzz
Feel my light... so looka here baby
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