Passion (Interlude)

Trey Songz

Your welcome
Your welcome

Come in relax
Let your (let your)
Hair back for me

For me
For me
For me
For me
Ooh you so fine
So happy your mine (my girl)
Your presence is a gift and I don't wanna waste no time
So tell me what you need and I got it
Material is it physical sexual intellectual
Let me know
Girl I been waiting all day and all night
For you to come and get right in my life
You play a special part
And I'm givin you all my heart
While you givin me yours I'm askin
A niggah got me givin you the passion
Say that you'll forever be my baby
A niggah got me feelin so crazy
I never wanna think about the next girl
Cause you made me forget about my x girl.
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