Open The Closet ( Titc Chapter 1 - Spoof )

Trey Songz

Its 5 o clock in the morning and the rising sun wakes me
Im Laying in a bed with a girl that dont belong to me
And she Whispers Come on my Darling lets go Round Two
Then she gon start to kissing me and to her surpise i quickly move
Now she got this dumb look on her face like what had she Done
how could she be so stupid as to think that she the One
Must of lost Her Fucking Mind
But Damn this Girl was Fine
From the club went to her Home
She didnt want to be Alone
Here i am Trickin while my girlie's at Home
gotta find my car keys so i can get on up out the door
she stood there mind was wondering
how he gon leave that way ?
looked at me like i was Crazy
then i got up and Walked Away
Man i gotta wife at Home , and to lose her OH im Scared
So now im on my Way home , Whiping off this other womans Hair
Shhh shh Silent...nervous as hell while im Driving
Cant make a sound , cause i know im going Down
What ima say when she ask me where i been though ?
Fell Asleep and smoking to much indo
Think...think ....she gon know a nigga lieing
So i copped me some Febreeze and then i sprayed around
then i walked my crazy ass up in the house
And i walked in and yelled Im Home
she said honey im in the room
i walked in there with a smile on my Face , and said honey I Been missing you
She hopped all over me and Said that she cooked and ran my Bath WAter
im telling you now i aint smell no food , but that bitch deserved an Oscar
threw her in the bed and start to snatching her clothes off
Thinking to my Self Trey Songs YOu G You pulled it Off
Aint gon believe it but things get deeper as the story goes on
We touching ,kissing,Baby Listen....That aint Yo Phone.
You Should of Seen the Look that i had on my Face
She tryed to hold me back but hell it was to late
I hopped up and said theres a mystery going on and im gonna solve it
And im like , God please dont let no Man be in my Partment
i walked in the Bath Room , Looked Behind the Door
she said baby come back to me , and i said Bitch say no More
I pull back the shower curtens and shes biting her nails
then i walk back to the room , right now im sweating like hell
check under the bed , then under the dresser
i look at the closet , get my gat out the dresser
i look back at the closet , get closer to the closet
Now im at the Closet , Now im opening the Closet
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