What Them Girls Like

Trey Songz

I know what dem girls I know I know what dem girls like
I be in ya girl I be I be in ya girl like
He can't make u feel he can't he can't make u feel right
Come n get this steel come n come n get this steel pipe
Uh ohhhhhh
I like to take this time to reintroduce
Myself ha ha they call me songz (songz)

And I know what dem girls like, I know what dem girls like
Relax and take notes I'm a give u great quotes how
To keep your girl close trigga on point u could get your
Girl stole manicures pedicures put your girl on she edible
Treat her like your vegetables brazilian waxin highest fashions
Sex that's nasty smack that ass don't go too fast talkin trash
Surely prematurely rocket blast take time red n white wine

Your woman is priceless don't call her a dime follow
Da signs like your drivin on the streets I blow dey minds
How I'm ridin on the beat I'm a beeast in da sheets on da
Floor gimme more da couch a tour of da house den I pour
In her mouth (u nasty) like a spout shawty stick it out daz
If u a freak let ya body leak let ya body go it's what ya body
Fo lookie u a rookie n ya shawty need a pro yo I know what
Da women want don't u see all da women on songz if

I'm in da buildin I'm gonna take home whateva girl I want
I'm not gunna play around with it I'm a lay it down vicious n
If it looks delicious very nutricious this on some real shit like
I said before your a vegetable wanna get ate up
I'll lick da plate up I got ma weight up so where da big girls
It's your world we both squirrels (u know) tryna get a niddut
I could get it off den get bak it up

If u treat her good like a real man should u
Ain't gotta worry bout me givin her wood
I'm just havin fun baby n I know it's not all about
Sex u want your mind stimulated n your mental
Fed a man that listens to what your mental says

Deep lovin feet rubbin haha n some mental head yea
I said it u want your body beheaded n let it go freestyle
Flow u know haha I told u nothin is safe I'm on point it's kinda
Like what ma nigga plies say uh who hotter den me not a damn
Mothasucka u could find
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