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Good News (parte 2)

Trip Lee

So the world went on, sinnin' and all
God even flooded it once to get rid of it all
Time and time again all men would just fall
So God the Son decided to come in the midst of it all
The Word became flesh to suppress our danger
He emerged from a virgin that would rest in a manger
An angel had came to say that she was highly favored
She became the mother of the one that became the savior
But a little bit before that amazing day
He called on John the Baptist to make the way
And when John saw Christ comin he told the men and the girls
"Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world"
He knew that Christ had come for our survival
Soon after He would go to call his disciples
He would guide them, advise them to live by the bible
They were priveledged enough to get to walk beside Him
And they preached to others as He taught them the code
They always rolled together like Tommy and Cole
They were all nice guys, spiritual cats
And they even got to witness His miracle acts
He fed thousands when they didn't have enough bread
He healed blind, even raised Lazarus from the dead
But one day He called them all to meet in a room
And he sadly told them He'd be leavin' them soon
He said He'd be betrayed by one of these in the room
But didn't say He would die and raise in three from the tomb
Or that He'd be the one to clean us like a broom
Just so He could save you and me from the doom, of...


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