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Trip Lee

Aye, I still recall the day the doctor told me that...
I was sick, yet my mind keeps going back.
It was a trip, Look I was thinking 'he ain't know the facts'.
Probably cuz my heart couldn't get a hold of that.
He said that I was terminal and that it` spread quick;
and my whole body was infected; I'm desperate.
My mind's racing at this point, I want to exit.
'Cause all his tests suggest that I'd be dead quick.
But honestely man,
I really should have seen the signs.
I was blind. No, I couldn't read between the lines.
I was numb so I couldn't feel my fever climb.
But my whole system was foul, like comedic lines;
No way treat it fine.. (echo)
I staggered out like I was drinking wine,
I wasn't even trying to think about my plans for the evening time.
All I could think was that I was weak and dying.
I was reminded of the life that I would leave behind.
And so...

I know it's ending for me soon and I'm terrified.
I'm afraid of what's coming and I'm scared to die.
But it ain't looking good for me. Now, it aint looking good for me. (for me)

I got home and it hit me in the worst way;
I'd been sick, with this disease since my birthday.
I was written with symptoms, since my first day.
Head to toe, my whole system in the worst state.
I was mentally ill, I was futile in mind;
Darkened in my understanding, was a student of crime.
Havin' eyes, couldn't see, cuz I was truthfully blind.
Having ears, couldn't hear, but couldn't do any signs.
Throat was an open grave, tongue used for the lies.
Snake venom under-lips, which I would use to divide.
Had chips on my shoulders was wounded inside.
Both my lungs collapsed; inhaled a second hand pride.
Below the waist, was just more of the same.
Feet swift to shed blood or something more was to gain.
Man, this bad blood simply poured through my veins.
Can't ignore it anymore, ain't the story the same.
I was in pain so


My whole life had been exposed as dark.
My disease had my deeds hittin' off the mark.
but I`don't love my illness. Even from the start;
Look everything was a symptom of my broken heart.
It pumped corruption to every single part of me.
It pumped death and deception through arteries.
My direction, was set to -invest in, -reflectin.' -deception. -to threaten
My best. -Then, my death wasnt far from me.
Could try to beat the symptoms now;
It wouldn't matter cuz my heart will keep me living fowl;
I was helpless and hopeless.. it's ending now.
Unless somehow I get a new heart. Well this is how;
I heard that there was others with the same plate;
But there was one begotten Son, Who can save life.
And His heart was so perfect, He gave life.
My heart of stones been exchanged, I've been changed right.


I was told that God's standard is so high...
and my broken heart, kept me from meeting His standard.
So I just kept falling short over and over and over again.
There was really nothing I could do.
It was not looking good for me.
I guess my question for you is...
Since God's standard is perfection... and none of us meet it...
How do you plan on getting by?
I know how I do, and to be honest; I ain't worried about a thing

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