Twisted (feat. Lecrae, Pro, Thi'sl)

Trip Lee

(Trip lee)
-Do not be deceived my beloved brothers, every good gift and every perfect gift is from above,coming down from the Father of Lights, don't get it twisted man

Uh yea, its Wayne gretzky on his neck piece,(huh) got em feeling real hefty on his best week. Huh but let see (lets see), he say he make it rain, but yet the sky's still bluer than a gas flame. I mean let's make it plain, somebody keep 'em breathin', keep his blood flowin', and keep his heart beatin'. God keep em eatin', and it ain't no secret,don't get it twisted God gave him what he needed.(speed it up!) My life ain't never been mine, yeah I work hard and yeah I grind, but not to get rich man not to shine, not to get rich man not to shine. And I don't boast much I don't brag, cause everything I got man I got it from dad, and matter fact ain't one thing I have,
that God ain't put here in my hand,
so I say remember that your legs work, cause of em next time you running for your goals think who's really running it.
Everything is under him planets, countries, cities, hoods, don't get it twisted God did it, done it, got it!? Good1

Chorus (PRo)
Say they fly, but thats a lie, man they got it twisted/ Rings are gold, crispy clothes, man they got it twisted/ I bet you think you a god but boy you got it twisted, tw-tw-twisted, tw-tw-twisted
Give 'em little bit a money stack a little bit of cheddar then we get the game so twisted, 27 inches on a little bit of leather then we get get things so twisted/ I bet you think you so hard but boy you got it twisted, tw-tw-twisted, tw-tw-twisted

(Trip Lee)
Yes sir, back on that thang, the faith in our life is our happiness man, since I was born I had what I needed, when I think back man I'm liking the thing what clothes to buy, soda pop, the home I got, the cash in the bank, the bros I got, the shows I buy, none of it looks like it was matched from the King. When I think back was growing up so many things was on to us, we holdin up on some dough for lunch and I'd say my grace and then get with the game. Never really thought of his mercy flows, never really heard the words before, every good thing is comin' down from the Father of Lights like a passionate rain. Yeah tell them to get back, yeah how they think they get that, my Father gave me gift wrap, no he ain't got no gift check. We ain't earned a single thing, oh homie, don't miss that, He gives because he's merciful now spit that, don't get it twisted. Hey yeah some of us are strugglin' they off in hoods, but still get more than they deserve look all He does is good. He gives freely and He's perfect in His distribution, look, don't get it screwed up like you lived in Houston.


Some things that I think are good in life they make me nervous, anything my father give me though I know it's perfect, anything I get besides my death I don't deserve it, used to think that I was good to have cash splurging (ooo!). I was a trap star, sixteen phat car, anything that made me feel good was good, that far, kept them bangers with me like I'm good, gon' act hard, even kept that green bank too (yeah - Brett Farve). See my whole thought of good was out of context, didn't know what good was cause I hadn't seen the Son yet, ran around with different girls like it was a contest, young and dumb, foolish, too, I was on some nonsense (ooo!). Thought I was good that the whole hood heard me, they thought it was good that other hoods wanna murder me, somebody call the cops cause it's an emergency, now I know what good is - it's God's love and mercy.

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