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Covenant Eyes (feat. Pro)

Trip Lee

Look at that, whatchu lookin at?

(Trip Lee)
In a culture that is crazy, in a world that is fallen
It's hard tryna lead this thing according to your callin
Every time I'm steppin out my heart is still appallin
Desires waging war back and forth like A-ballin
Yeah, man, hold up! I'm hopin we can see me
That you catch me watchin what I'm watchin it ain't easy
My heart it wants to see joy, but there's too many decoys,
And I don't want to end up in a trap, like a D-boy
Can't be all relaxed, ain't no time for getting lazy
Time for us to act, cuz the times is getting crazy
So I wrote an agreement, and I made my eyes sign it
I won't look on a woman with no lust now I'm denying it!

(whistle) look at that, what you lookin at?
Oh, she lookin good! Aww mayn I ain't look at that
I'm watchin what I'm watchin, yeah this thing hard
But I'm watchin what I'm watchin - we gotta be on guard (x2)

Now if I listen to that radio then I would have to spit up in the swisher and fill it with green pine
And if I listen to the TV, then you can catch me chasin plenty chicks, cause, homie, they fine
But I ddt my mind, put my flesh in a figure fo
Yes, sometimes I fall, but this right here ain't gon' kill me fo
Cause if I had to be a blind amputee I guarantee my Father here is purging me from all of my impurity
Bank on 'im, bo, bank on 'im, go hard, Father rain on em ruh, rain on em so you guard cuz
Everytime I slow up, that's when my father show up
Make-make ways of escape and I….
Tell my TV to shut up, whatchu sellin' I don't want it
Hide that Word inside my heart, Ron Artest gon and guard it,
No, I don't want your goodies baby, you can keep your cookies baby,
I know they got M&Ms but this road I'm on's slim and shady


(Trip Lee)
With every single glance, man my sin tries to kill me
So I ain't givin in, how my brothers gotta feel me
I'm free from my slavery, and no that ain't the real me
I belong to my God and I can't let no lust steal me
There's nothing I can gain, this sister she ain't move me
Cause my God is holy, the epitomy of beauty
Bought me with a price and I'm prayin he would rue me
My eyes belong to him he's my king and Lord truly.
It's men who trust Jesus who can't be cool with all that
And when my eyes start to trip I tell them boys to fall back
So if you see me look away, don't be surprised
Cause I'm in love with my God, I got some covenant eyes!


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