I'm Gone

Trip Lee

It’s something on my mind do you got a moment?
Soapbox swag, I just got upon it
I been in these chains and I’m tired of it
(Car noise) I know you hear these tires rubbing

Screeching down the road, gotta get away
I plotting my escape, I think this the day
‘Cause I been in bondage do his dishonest lies
Tried to free myself but wasn’t qualified

Get em high, get em high, get em high
Novacane in my body, no I ain’t feeling lies
They say that I’m salty and they can criticize
But I’m praying for slaying, can’t wait for his demise

Before you groan, and tell people I’m gone
I’m talking bout the loser Lucifer, you know he wrong
I know you ain’t posed to break up on the phone
Is it wrong if I break up in a song?

I hear what you saying, but I don’t believe you
‘Cause you just be lying, and I don’t need you
I got a new Lord, I know I don’t see you
But I see right through you, so I gotta leave you

How many times do I gotta
Tell y’all that I refuse to follow
That bad deal, cause that old master kills
Call me Harriet I’m trying to get you out the field

I’m talking bout Satan, he think he the man
Acting like he’s running things, I ain’t even playing
But tell him I don’t need his lies all on me
Even though I know he got his eyes all on me

He is the father of lies
He got plenty kids which is not a surprise
Following after dad walking to they demise
They wouldn’t walk off of of the cliff if he’d uncover their eyes, we gotta rise

How long he been at it, do you think you really strong?
Acting like you in the zone, he been lying all along
We need a champ to knock him out with a blow
He did it many years ago, so
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