Trip Lee

How long, O Lord?
How long will you forget me?
Forever? Forever?
How long will you look the other way?
How long must I struggle with anguish in my soul
With sorrow in my heart everyday?
How long will my enemy have the upper hand?
I don’t know

I threw my prayers to the ceiling
But I feel like you don't get them for so long
You ain’t been there when I’m slipping
You seem indifferent while I sit here alone
Why don't you care how I'm feeling?
I'm doubting, 'bout to be dipping 'cause you gone
Why should I wait for your healing?
You ain’t gon make me the villain in this song

Did you hear that?
Did I come through clear?
Did you hear that?
Are my prayers the kinda ones you hear?
My mama lied, when she said she you right by my side
Lord know I tried, no lie, I'm through here
I'm in a bind
You might hear people's cries, you ain't listening to mine
And really I'm fine
Cause when I was down, back in '05 and wanted a sign
You never replied, guess it just wasn't the time
But hey, I don't know your ways
But it seems lately that you been in a daze
Can't see through the haze
My homie lost his son that's crazy, and I know he prays
But I heard your son raised, after like three days
Hmm, strange
If I was the Lord, wouldn't be no pain
But you must be bored, or I must be insane
Ain't tryna say I'm wiser Lord
Just surprised that you ain't nicer Lord
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