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Show's Over (feat. Mitch Parks)

Trip Lee

This is the end of my show…this is the end I know

I can't perform no more
Can't fight this war no more
I can't endure no more all the shame and pain
I'm feelin strained and can't go on this tour no more
I'm so tired I just tight rope walk
Homie I might go psycho my life's thrown off
Hey it's that rest for my soul can this make go off
I ain't steppin on the stage tonight - show's off


Chorus (x2)
I know these days had me trapped for a while
Don't know when I last relaxed with a smile
I need a Savior to crack through the clouds
Show's over, got to turn my back to the crowds

I can't perform no more
Can't run this course no more
I been tryna keep up this image to let them see that I'm different
I'm slippin and this is stuff I can't ignore no more
I ain't let these tears hit the floor no more
They trippin, because of fear I can't afford no more
It's a lie what I been livin, tryna hide all my sinning
In prison and can't no one open the door no more
Cause I'm tryna be righteous
Like somebody hit the light switch I know the world is dark
Cause I really don't like this
It's heavy on my heart somebody get me out this crisis
My pain is off the charts

Chorus x2

I can't perform no more
Can't do these chores no more
I'm feelin like I'm sick
It's silly so I quit
That's it I just can't try to please the Lord no more
Cause really I'm sick of tryna make him like me more, you feel me?
Cause every day I gotta fight
I'm guilty so when I play I never like the score
No good in me and I'm sick of my plight - I'm poor
They told me homie, you Christian life is better
But they said to be holy and perform for his pleasure
But now I'm feeling dark cause the Lord is my treasure
But I fall and feel scarred when I can't get it together
But then something clicks, it's crazy I ignored this
But even when I slipped, this ain't based on my performance
Cause Christ was equipped, ran the race with endurance,
And when his flesh was hit his righteousness was my assurance

I know them days had me trapped for a while
It's in my past I've relaxed in Him now
Christ is my Savior he cracked through the clouds
Did it perfect listen to the claps from the crowd

This is the end of my show…this is the end I know…

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