Trip Lee

[Andy Mineo]
This body's not mine it's yours it's yours it's yours
So everyday I'm fighting a war
To flee from it all 'til I'm free from it all (2x)

Ok saved at an early age
In thirty days, it felt like I had managed to murdered most of my worldly ways
Worldly ways? But a couple stayed and coupled with a couple years
I'm wondering am I had missed out on the thrills I had thrown away
Was all this in vain? Strain to remain and refrain
And sustain through this flame in my veins
Lust is his name, this virgin a burden
I ain't never hit the club maybe I just need a taste
A lil' taste, a lil' taste is like a little rape
A lil' drank, a poison but can it kill a mayne?
A heard them say without sex life is a waste
But Christ is over all I kept my pants on my waste
Turned beautiful chicks away, dudes swearin' that I'm lame
Though I got a sex drive the Spirit's holding the brakes
There's no breaks this is His infinite work
Content with my rib nothing is sweet enough to desert her

See some of y'all done bought the lie
That sex is what makes you a man
But that's not what makes you a man
Anybody can go lay with a woman
What makes you a man is being defined
By who you say you are in Christ
If you have Christ you have all that you need
Everything you need is bound up in the resurrected Savior

[Derek Minor]
Look can I be real with you
They say that women want attention that's the real issue
And if they only wore dresses just a little bit longer
Then the flesh that I be feeding wouldn't burn like a sauna
Wait is that the reason why your brain is in chains?
When you at home by yourself in front of computer screens
Or is that the reason why sick men prey on
Little girls in school still playing with crayons
No! It's the flesh that all men should fight
While Satan persist to tempt us with our own wicked delights
See God made intimacy to glorify He
The flesh wanna do as we please glorify we (don't deserve it)
That girl is not an object for playing
That's a woman not a barbie I don't care what Nicki say
And just like her sex is God's creation
You spit inside his face when you don't use it how he made it

Sex is a gift from God but we've taken it and made it idolatry
We've taken it and put it in the place of God
And we worship it and so it comes out in all kinds of profane ways
And so we blame the women for what they're wearing
And we blame the media for what they're producing
But we never blame ourselves
For how we've twisted God's gift to glorify us

Flesh on the rise like the tide when I go surfing
You can see just what I prize in my life when I go searching
Roaming with my eyes; no surprise sin is lurking
Get's me every time and inside man I'm hurting
Pretending that I'm fine but it's a lie man I'm burdened
Cause what's inside is never satisfied so I serve it
Afraid of getting caught so I hide I'm so nervous
Scared that I may die begging Christ to reverse it
Lord you are the gospel such a bad scene
Even if I clear my history my past ain't clean
And I can try clean it up but it never seems enough
I trust myself then hurt myself fail this is tough
I need the gospel clear see my sin for what it is
One brings life the other death man to me plus my kids
Selfish in my ways and it's go'n put me in the grave
But Christ can save and set you free no longer be enslaved

[Andy Mineo]
My spirit willing but my flesh weak
And this moment is but a test see
Yeah, Lord you're greater than all these pleasures
I just wanna see you as my treasure
God I wanna
Flee from it all till I'm free from it all (4x)

Manning up is not just managing your sexual temptations
It's not just managing your sin that's not what it means to be a man
Because you can try harder and you can do better
And you can hang on longer that's not manning up
Manning up is our ability to lay down all of our effort
And all of our trying and all of our strength and say I trust in Jesus
I trust in his perfection I trust in his power I trust in his ressurection
Because he's the only one that can get me through this
And He's the only one that can make me free
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