Life 101 (feat. Chris Lee)

Trip Lee

Now I done heard a lot of "he say, (he say) she say"
In my life and time
And the days keep rollin (yup) no replay
I wanna be sure to live it right
Cause I want that (want that) need that (I need that) It's real homie, I can't believe that, be that
Help me find which way should I go with my life

My homie say you gotta live for the moment on this
Earth you never know how long you on it
Gotta get that gold you don't wanna say you blown it, donate
Pretend like you should get it if you want it
My other homie said life is a vapor
A breath but not wasted tryna chase paper
Cancer, cash in the slakes in ya grave, ya
Done for, can't nobody save ya, thank ya
My homie said life's a game you gotta play right
No script, write your own story like a playwright
It's no fate, right, you just gotta face life
Give and take never make the same mistake twice
I heard it said life's a gift you gotta use well
Choose well cause I've seen a lot of dudes fail
True but when you do, turn here, the new trail
The old juice fail, drink from a new pail


My homie said life sucks then it's over
It's so rough so you gotta roll with that toaster
Silver spoon, no sir - mob-like soldiers
Tight but you can't make so what, hold up
My other homie said life can be stiff man
It's bland til you got a hope that can withstand
It's grand if you got your eyes on the big plan
Keep watch don't let it take you out like a hit man
My homie said you gotta look for that grace stuff
Can't just live ordinary for that Savior
God wants to bless me, I should step my faith up
He loves me enough that he'll keep me from that pain, bruh
My other homie said that God wants to bless you
And yes, you should call upon his name for your rescue
He'll give you all you need as His son, he accepts you
You might need tests to through trials and correct you


Now should I follow what you say
Or should I come up and my own way
What you say, they tell me, looking for advice, man, that'll never fail me
I got questions, so confused now
Hopin you don't let me down
If only there was somebody who had it all figured out
Yeah, that would give me strength, no doubt

Yeah, look man, my Lord said that he made life
Night to the daylight, from the same Christ
Lose your life for his sake can you save life?
Birth don't mean not any if it ain't twice
My Lord said he came to serve so he gave life
Can't quite aim high enough to match his great life
Man, we ain't right, turn to his great might
Life is eternal through faith, right

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