Trip Lee

Trip Lee:
Oh Lord I'm so amazed
When I dig up in you scripture
Focused and trying to get you, hoping to get a picture
Of who you are, true you are, holy hoping I miss you
When I get away and I miss a day spending it with you
That's foolish, I hope to know you and be a student
And learn your holy ways all my days eith no excuses
Oh its such a privilege to know the God that moves and
Soothes my wretched soul, it was cold but He renewed it
And when I look at the Psalms a just pause
Got me dropping my jaw,
its clear You got them in awe
And we can see that they yearning for you person
Panting after You, and their passion for You is burning
I'm trying to pursue You
'cause you precious as a pearl
Like a did with them girls, I used to mess with the world
Relentless in my pursuit, I surrender it all to you
And pray You'd daw me closer in intimate time with you

Hook :
There's a longing for you love
Not just a moment intimate touch (2x)

Trip Lee:
It's way too many times, I'm staying off on the grind
I'm other areas and I bury You in my mind
Then my life starts getting terrible, scarier and I find
Myself trying to get near to You
but you was here all the time
But I was having my share of affairs with things you designed
Kind of like a bad marriage, it's scare it's like I'm blind
And I'm praying you'd help me, hold me, and make me focus
I know that when I'm lacking you I'm more than hopeless
Mold this wicked heart to delight in your precious person
Fighting, confessing, searching fot Christ and lessons for learning
It ain't even nothing good in me that I might show you
But I can see that eternal life tha I might know you
I want know you be close to the God who saved me
Raised me, so I pray we can be much closer
And I
I can embrace the beautiful life that you gave me
I count it all loss Lord that O might know Ya


I'm longing for your
endless love
the knowledge of
Who you are
The truth that lies
within you word
show my heart
who you are

Trip Lee:
Truly I can't wait till this flesh is removed
I'm forever with You and sins mess is removed
And there's nothing in the way, there's none better than you
To ignore that I'm more wack this fella's a fool
You so misterious, I read about you see I
I am so in awe of you,
I'm all for you you truly fly
The truth is I'm in love with
You and hope that you see I
Would like to see you and I in UNITY


Lord bring me closely
So to show me
who you are and to fill my cup (2x)
Just a lil bit more
I need a lil bit more
I need, I need more and more of you
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