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Northern Soul

Deacon Blue

When they come on television
To tell about their loss
And the camera finds them beaten up by grief
Do you wonder that they get up every morning
And sometimes don't believe?

When you see their eyes reminded
Of another day not shared
With a child who never turned to say goodbye
Are you comforted by somebody you love
Or do you keep it down inside

Can you feel?, Can you

From every breaking dawn
Through to midnights ghostly toll
I thank him for the life
In your northern soul
Every time you cry
And sulk back to the fold
Through your misty eyes
I see your northern soul

When it's down to just page seven
Even on a slow-news day
Do you pause before you turn over the page?
And although there is no photograph

No tears on television
Do you find yourself reminded of their eyes?
Can you feel?
Can you?

At every roadside shrine
Where faded flowers console
I shudder for the life
Inside your northern soul

Every night you sleep
I'll lie down on your pillow
And I feel each steady breath
From your northern soul

When every light's gone out
And my body's tired and old
You'll keep my spirit young
With your northern soul

God every way it breaks
I'm bound to make it so
To turn all fear to love
With your northern soul

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