You Don't Understand (Unreleased)

Deacon Blue

Here's a cry for every lie you tried but didn't know I saw
And a sigh for every poor man,and woman and child that you ignore
Here's some wounded sailors from fighting your war overseas
Good God almighty Its pulling me down on my knees

But if you don't know where you hurt
Where you wound and you bite and you burn
Then you don't understand

Now I'm the man who crumbled five years into your plan
And I'm dreaming of days when my hands and face were oily and blackened
Finnieston's howling ghost ships are all I can see
But now I shiver and shift and I'm worried
So I drift -'cause I know that I'm beaten

But if you think we don't know that you know
Each time we tumble under your blows
Then you don't understand

Its goodbye tonight ,I'm catching the ten o'clock train
Its leaving central station and pulling out of this wind and this terminal rain

So its bye bye, Glasgow
Bye bye baby goodbye
Ooh be lah , we na na
There's only so long you can try
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