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The Further North You Go

Deacon Blue

See me see places
See me see news
See me see punters
See me see you

See Dundee nothing like it
See Paris its all trees
See Dundee nothing like it
See me i'll let you see

The further north you go
The rain comes harder down i'm told
The people seem so friendly there
They really seem so warm
If theres a river let me see
If theres a special place to be
I'd love to know the further north you go

See trains awfully long journey though
See me I love to think
See you where do you come from
Ahh well I like you just the same

The futher north you go
The buildings show and the trees don't show
The people seem to let you know they're only saying no
If theres a place for me its here
Its where I feel i'm really needed
Your really needed the further north you go

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