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Checkout Girls

Deacon Blue

Stay with me now
I feel like you're slipping away
there's a song in the air
that no-one is singing today
there are places to go
but somehow I feel we should stay

And the checkout girls sing a a song for the world
that goes round and round
and the anthem of the keys in the tills
makes a soothing sound
and the eyes and the ears aren't on the sky~
they're on the ground

Talk to me now
there are words in your mind worth saying
there's a something happening over here
even though the actors might only be playing
life is the thing
that can't be lost by delaying

Live with me now
I'm ready to hear your crying
risen again like the phoenix the ashes defying
in the silence we know
there's something beyond the dying

And sometimes I'm ready to know
sometimes I'm willing to go
for someone its happening slow
didn't you know

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